PMQ Design Centre in Hongkong präsentiert ausgewählte Möbelprojekte und Collagen von unserer Kollektion.

Dates: 10 May– 22 May 2019
Opening: 2019, May 10, 7pm-9pm
Venue: PMQ, S503, Staunton
Opening hours: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

‘Room PLus’ is a 6 weeks long project that will showcase three exhibitions of emerging and more established designers
from Poland at the Design Centre PMQ in Hong Kong. The key idea of ‘Room PLus’ concept is to bring innovative freethinking designers and artists from Poland to Hong Kong. The exhibitions will be followed by a program of
With the opening on May 10th, 2019 ‘Room Plus’ is proud to present “RE&UP”, the first Asia exhibition of
internationally renowned artist and designer Mariusz Małecki /Studio Ziben (Poland, 1974). The exhibition will
showcase Studio Ziben unique furniture together with original collage art works.

The designer lives with his passion for the creation of individual pieces of furniture and objects. His ideas arise
spontaneously and intuitively through associations. In this way, Małecki designs fascinating objects that always have a
story to tell. Free thinking and spontaneity are combined with functionality, aesthetics, and timelessness. Simple and
contemporary design characterizes every handcrafted piece of furniture which is made of the highest quality
materials from Poland.
His childhood and youth were dominated by the socialist design of the Eastern block. After graduating from high
school, he started to study design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (PL) and Minerva Academy in Groningen (NL).
During his studies he started to make his first designs and worked for Polish furniture industry. In 2007, he moved to
Berlin to create his own furniture brand. Studio Ziben is a collection of different ideas.

He often cooperates with different architecture studios and private customers, developing the concept of offices and
apartments design. To mention just a few: 2016 – Circus Hotel – foyer furnishings, 2014 – Cooperation with Gensler
Architects/London for Google Office in Munich/DE furniture design. The furniture of Studio Ziben, mostly unique
pieces are also a part of the private furniture collection/private apartments in New York, Berlin and Poland.
Thanks to fast increasing popularity of his designs, Małecki is regularly invited to prestigious international furniture
design exhibitions all over the world, such as Dutch Design Week, ICFF in Manhattan, New York and TV furniture shows
as a design expert – (5 episodes, ZDF).
Freedom, free thinking and spontaneity are key parts of Małecki creative process. Studio Ziben designs are
unexpected and full of humor – a reflection of the new Berlin and its youthful irreverence to tradition and convention
and a reference to the Bauhaus movement, which was established exactly 100 years ago in Germany.
In addition, a number of brand new art works from the recent Collage works series will be on view. These collages are
made of recycled materials collected by Małecki for many years. They combine paper, wood and other materials. The
way Małecki built the images composition is similar to how he creates the furniture. The PMQ exhibition will be
followed by two days of workshops, where he will be sharing with the participants the collage and composition
During the month of May, Studio Ziben will partner with Chef Daisuke Mori at the renowned One Michelin-starred Hong
Kong restaurant ‘Takumi by Daisuke Mori’, where special collages will be displayed in the venue and inspire the
culinary experience. The meaningful collaboration will offer gastronomies the unique opportunity to savour a menu
designed exclusively for the event, where the craft, philosophy and feeling of the artwork is beautiful reflected into
culinary creations.

About Takumi
From training at Osaka’s to working alongside masters at star-rated French establishments across Japan, France and
Poland, One Michelin-starred Chef Daisuke Mori has acquired a distinctive flair and a unique culinary background. At
his eponymous 12-seat restaurant, Takumi by Daisuke Mori, he shares his personal journey through the graceful blend
of French and Japanese culinary traditions in a seasonal tasting menu.
The Oakhill, 16 Wood Road,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
+(852) 2574 1299
For further enquiries, please contact Room Plus Curator: Dr Agnieszka Mori, +852 60880903